Thursday, August 18, 2016

College Tuition: Why to Cash Out Your Annuity Instead of Getting a Loan

It seems like you can’t glance at the headlines without seeing something about the plight of graduates and dropouts alike burdened by years of school loans. Parents of college students trying to shoulder some of the burden often get themselves into just as much debt with PLUS loans and other private loans to raise the cash needed. If you have an annuity, it’s a much better idea to cash it out instead of taking on such long-term debt.
No Interest
Get cash for annuity payments for a single fee without having to pay interest for years or even decades that can easily add up to as much or more than the amount you borrowed. Because of interest, most minimum monthly payments put toward a loan only make a small dent in paying off the principal amount.
No Credit Check Needed
If you or your newly adult child has poor credit, it’s not relevant to an annuity cash out, but it could stop you from getting a loan. If a loan falls through at the last minute, the student may be forced to pull out of school after making plans to attend. Save the trouble and rely on cash instead.
More Flexibility
A student burdened by debt must find a good-paying job or she’ll never get out from under the monthly payments. Knowing there’s no loan to pay off allows a recent graduate to pursue unique opportunities, like travel or service or even starting a business, without worrying about paying down existing debt.

Call Cashout-Annuity at (844)340-6649 to learn more about the benefits of turning your annuity payments into cash you can use right for college tuition. Don’t limit your dreams or the dreams of your child or grandchild by passing on schools you can’t readily afford. Cashing out an annuity is a smart way to finance an education that will lead to a bright, successful future. 

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