Monday, July 25, 2016

Variable Annuities and Why They’re Not The Best Choice

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A variable annuity allows you to choose from a selection of investments that are tax-deferred. The amount of money you receive then depends on the performance of the investments you chose. While this may sound like a good deal, read on to learn some reasons why it’s not your best choice.

Reasons Why Variable Annuities Are Not Good
Variable annuities are often pushed on to people by annuity companies because there is usually a huge sales commission for the insurance salespeople. As a result, they try to sell you on investing in a variable annuity for their own gains. The layouts of the policies are inflated way beyond any return you could receive even in the most perfect circumstances.

  • There is a lot of risk in investing in a variable annuity because you don’t really benefit from a rise in the stock market. The annuity company gives you only a tiny portion of any gains that are made and they can cap the amount you receive.
  • There are big expenses and fees you will need to pay and a large tax placed on them.
  • If you want to cancel the contract, there is a huge surrender charge you will have to pay.

Variable Annuity versus Immediate Annuities
A big reason why variable annuities are not a good option is because you spend more money to receive the same amount of income as you would with an immediate annuity. For example, if you pay around $100,000 for your variable annuity, you could receive the same amount of income if you invested in a $60,000 immediate annuity.

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How to Gain Cash for Annuity Payments


If you put some of your savings into an annuity, but need it sooner rather than later, you are not trapped. There are several options to get your money back before the end of your contract. However, each option can cost money but the best option for you depends on how much money you want to receive and the terms of your contract.
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ptions and help you get fast cash for annuity payments but read on for some options you may have.

Your Annuity Can Be a Source of Cash!
Many annuity holders are not aware that they have options when it comes to selling their annuities and getting the cash they need. If the insurance company that issued the annuity will not allow you to surrender an annuity to them for cash, you may still be able to get competitive market rates by selling it to

Full Assignment
This is the best option for you if you need all your money fast.  We will get you’re a lump sum of money and we will jump in and wait for the payments for you.  You will receive a present value of the annuity.  

Partial Assignment
This is the most popular option.  We purchase a portion of your monthly payment and give you a lump sum.  This option allows you to continue to receive payments and get a lump sum. 

How Much is an Annuity Worth?
The amount of cash you will get will depend on a lot of factors, including the size of the annuity, and the size and frequency of payments you are receiving. One of the major factors in determining how much your annuity is worth is the then-current interest rate, or discount rate, when you sell.

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