Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Scenarios Where You Should Consider Cashing in an Annuity Cont.

In our last blog, we discussed the situations in which cashing in an annuity is sometimes necessary or even desired. To learn more about these particular instances, read on!
Inherited Annuities
If a loved one passes away and they leave behind an annuity to a family member, sometimes that family member has no need for the annuity. Another case is also that a family member receives an inherited annuity but instead of receiving small payments over time, they would rather have cash now.
Not All Annuities Qualify
Depending on the type of annuity it is, sometimes you might not even receive money. For example, a life-only immediate annuity is not a stable source of income for you or your family because it is based on your life expectancy. As a result, this type of annuity is not guaranteed.

Annuities can help but sometimes, they are not useful or suitable to a person’s life. Life is unpredictable and things can happen that will throw off your plans. This often will cause you to need more money quicker and instantly.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Scenarios Where You Should Consider Cashing in an Annuity

Annuities offer you the chance to receive money monthly but sometimes, the amount you receive is not enough to cover expenses in your life. As a result, people look to cashing in an annuity in order to receive cash, fast. However, there are also moments when you should consider cashing in an annuity.
No Longer Need That Extra Income
Sometimes, people will face the opportunity to retire early and as a result, they invest their money in annuities to ensure their quality of life is maintained. However, there are also people who after a while of living the retired life, they grow bored. This causes them to start working again and in turn, they begin earning money to live. Since they now have a steady income again, they no longer have a use for their annuity. In this case, cashing in an annuity would benefit you!
Plans Change
People buy annuities with the mindset that they want to receive money over long periods of time. However, life is unexpected and things change which is why the option of cashing in an annuity is ideal. Whether it’s because they want to pay for a major life event, have a huge medical expense to cover, or want to invest their money in another option, cashing in an annuity is sometimes necessary or desired.

To read more scenarios in which cashing in an annuity is a good idea, please refer to our next blog!

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